Marijuana Addiction Education

Marijuana Addiction Education

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Three recorded lectures featuring Julia Ross, Darryl Inaba, PhD, and recovering addicts addressing the cannabis addiction process, its adverse effects, and the use of brain-targeted amino acid therapy to stop cravings for it.

Length: 6 CDs

This CD set contains three lectures given by marijuana addiction expert Julia Ross, to inform the public and professionals about the effects of marijuana on the brain and body and about its unique addictive potential. The Haight Ashbury clinic's well known pharmacologist, Darryl Inaba also presents, as does an articulate spokesman from Marijuana Anonymous.

This set also includes information about the special nutritional and counseling needs, in both detox and recovery, of those who become addicted to this little understood drug.

Partly because marijuana can be so detrimental to memory, it is important for addicts to have information about the drug that they can review over time. They also need to know, as do their family members and the professionals they consult, about the unusually long process of recovery from addiction to this complex and potent plant.

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