Serine Sleep
Serine Sleep

Serine Sleep

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(original Seriphos formula):

Best for most serious insomniacs whose sleep problems don’t fully resolve on other supplements because it is caused by overly high nighttime cortisol levels, as described in The Mood Cure’s sleep Chapter and in my article on curing the 3 most common types of insomnia.

Best to add after testing your nighttime or day and night cortisol levels with a saliva test kit (order at The Craving Cure Virtual Clinic). We use PhosphoRest or Enerphos when, occasionally, Serine Sleep does not work.

Ingredients: Calcium magnesium ethanolamine phosphate, calcium magnesium phosphoserine, medium chain triglyceride (MCT) oil.

Phosphorus, calcium and magnesium. Derived from a phosphorylated mixture of L-serine and ethanolamine that is present as salts of calcium and magnesium. An ingredient included not for dietary purposes but in minute amounts for catapulting is a medium chain triglyceride.

100 capsules

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