Super Digestive Enzymes with HCL

Super Digestive Enzymes with HCL

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Julia's Favorite Digestive Enzymes. With extra protein and fat digestion assistance from 200 mg HCL (for those without ulcers) and 100mg ox bile (especially for those with no gallbladders).

INGREDI­ENTS: 200 mg Betaine HCl (Beets & Molasses), 200 mg Pancreatin 4x (equiv. to 800 mg) supplying: 20,000 USP units each Amylase & Protease, 3,400 USP units Lipase, 100 mg Ox Bile Extract (45% Cholic Acid), 50 mg Bromelain (2,400 GDU/g Pineapple), 50 mg Papain (2M USP units/g Papaya), 50 mg Pepsin (NF 1:10M units), 45 mg Papaya Fruit Powder, 45 mg Pineapple Powder, 10mg Cellulase, Magnesium Stearate, Silica, Glycerin.

90 capsules

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