Tryptophan (Recommended International Customers)

Tryptophan (Recommended International Customers)

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L-Tryptophan, 500 mg

Known as the “Inner sunshine” nutrient, L-Tryptophan is the amino acid that our brains use to make our natural anti-depressants. It is frequently deficient in our diets. Julia Ross states in The Mood Cure that our generation is experiencing an epidemic of Tryptophan deficiency. It is the key to the production of 5-htp and the neurotransmitters serotonin and melatonin (helpful for promoting sound sleep). Tryptophan also is well known for its anti-anxiety effects and can help with obsessive thoughts, irritability, and seasonal affective disorder. Better than similar 5-htp for children and insomnia-sufferers.

90 capsules.

***Note: Select this product for International shipments. It is in a plastic bottle much less expensive to send internationally.

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